CTV-21 in Chester is staffed by volunteers.  Their
responsibilities include updating the community calendar weekly, as well as producing the programs that you see. Everything from Santa's Ride Through Chester, Preschool Graduations, Chester Academy School Plays, and Graduations, Parades, Town Fair, Church Events, Historical Society Presentations, and other events of Local Organizations are all taped and edited by

volunteers.  CTV-21 has also been the affiliated station for the
locally produced Cooking Show, the Main Ingredient, and Chester Center, a local information show, both from Shaggy Dog Productions, and for travelogues such as the Hudson River Canal Trip, Steamboats, The Chester & Derry Electric Railroad, and shows of local history all produced by Rangeway Productions.  The volunteers of CTV-21 are members of the New Hampshire Coalition of Community Media, and in the past 5 years, have enjoyed sharing programs with PEG Access Stations throughout the state bringing you features such as Joan's Jazz Jam, Lakes Region Chorale, Davey and Goliath, NASA TV, Army News, and Air Force News, and much more programming sent to us from around New England.  Our  association with the NHCCM has been beneficial in other ways, since it is a network to be able to learn more of the Cable Industry, laws governing it, and our education for franchise negotiation. 

CTV-21 has a state of the art digital editing system, Avid Media Composer!  In addition to digital cameras, we will train new volunteers (if you desire) .

I would like to be a volunteer, but I don't know anything about
television, what could I do?
Everyone is welcome as volunteer.  All of the volunteers, past and present, were new to the "game,"  with the exception of a very few, who because of the nature of their employment, new a little more!  There is much to do, and all can be learned very easily.  We all will help!
I just don't have a lot of time to be a volunteer.  Is there anything that I could do for CTV-21?
Yes, lots!  It takes very little time to learn how to handle a video camera, and there is always a need for volunteers during Town Meeting, School District Meeting, and the like, and they only happen twice a year!  We all share in the calendar updates, weekly, and that only takes an hour or so! 
I have a movie maker software on my computer?  If I create a program of interest, will you show it on CTV-21?
YES! DVD formats are preferred, so you can become a contributing producer from your home office.  For information about content, you may call or email us, or view the  "Statement of Compliance" form on this site.



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