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PEG Access, as we will refer to it, is this local programming for Public (P), Educational (E), and Government (G) usage, much like we now have in Chester. PEG Access was introduced to Chester, NH in April of 1988 when the Town adopted a Cable Television Franchise Agreement with Harron Communications (the Cable Operator until September 1999, when the company was transferred to Adelphia Communications), and then to Comcast.  The Franchise Agreement provided for the installation of cable television reception throughout the Town, and the set up, and outfitting of the local television studio (now known at CTV-21) that would allow the Town to cablecast live events such as meetings of Town Government, and local activities.  Harron Communications provided the basic equipment needed to enable the live cablecast, as well as basic cameras and editing equipment.  The Town of Chester has annually supported PEG by authorizing a budget at Town Meeting each year to be able to continue programming, live cablecasts, and upgrade of equipment.  Until April 2003, when a new franchise agreement was negotiated, the cable operator paid no fees to Chester, simply because it was not drafted in the original agreement.  With the new agreement, and franchise fees paid to the Town, we have been able to upgrade equipment, and soon will go totally digital in programming, and playback, with an ultimate goal to be able to stream video content through the Town Website.

With the new year of 2011 we are moving towards an all digital studio at 84 Chester Street, with the purchase of Tightrope, a digital cablecast system now in place for Channel 20, and soon for Channel 21.  You see a new look to the Channel 20 calendar, with new features such as local weather!  This new system will enable us to download and store all of our local productions throughout our history, as well as new programming, and local government meetings.   Our Studio is also set up for the recording of meetings that may not be available for use of the Town meeting room due to scheduling conflicts.  These meeting will be cablecast the following day on Channel 20.

In addition to Tightrope, we have upgraded our Avid Xpress Pro digital editing to Avid Media Composer to enhance the editing experience, and produce a quality product.

Perhaps the most important fact for all to know is that throughout the past 23 years, all programming whether Public, Education, or Government in nature, and whether live or taped, has been a result  of all


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December 11, 2011

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